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Votes for Change at Akeld Time Share Resort

Ordinary Members at Akeld Manor & Country Club voted for change at the AGM on 28 October 2012. Attendance at the AGM was the highest since the Club was formed in 1995 and 150 votes were cast either in person or by proxy. Ten Resolutions were proposed and all ten were passed with big majorities. The successful Resolutions included calls for:

• closure of the Club by the end of 2014

• more Members’ Representatives on the Management Committee

• production of audited accounts for the Club; and

• recognition of AMCCOMA: the Akeld Manor & Country Club Ordinary Members’ Association

The Ordinary Members of the Club are expecting the Management Committee to implement their democratically expressed wishes.

Members' Survey

AMCCOMA is open to all the Ordinary Members of Akeld Manor & Country Club [the Club]. In the light of the Ballot conducted at the AGM on 28 October 2012 on the ten Resolutions, the results of which can be downloaded by clicking on the Resolutions tab above, AMCCOMA is seeking to open negotiations with the Management at Akeld concerning the future of the Club. We invite you, therefore, to tell us what you think by completing the Members' survey, which can be downloaded HERE. Please return it by email to: stories@akeldmembers.org.uk

Thank you

Follow Up to AGM

The AMCCOMA Council met on Sunday 04 November 2012 to reflect on the AGM of 28 October. The Council recognized that, whilst a substantial majority (68.7%) voted for the Club to close by 31 December 2014, there was a significant group of members (24.7%) who wish to retain their timeshare and/or access to the leisure facilities afforded by the Club.

AMCCOMA is calling upon the Akeld Management to accept the instructions given by 73.3% of the Members who voted in favour of Resolution 8 that meaningful negotiations should begin to determine the terms under which the Club may be dissolved and to report back to the members at a Special General Meeting to be held no later than 31 March 2013.

AMCCOMA will seek to ensure that the expressed wishes of all the Members at Akeld Manor & Country Club are addressed.

Communications within Akeld Manor & Country Club

The need to improve Communication between the Management at Akeld and the Members was highlighted as a priority at the AGM on 28 October 2012. AMCCOMA therefore invited all five members of the Management Committee to give us permission to publish their contact details on this website.

Mrs Allan, Sian Gilbert and Dawn Wright, the three representatives of the Founder Member, all declined the invitation. They have intimated that they are always ready to receive questions from the Members and pointed out that their details are published in the Minutes of each AGM.

Mary Nasmyth, Member Representative since June 2011 Mob: 07984 311 734; Tel: 01383 624 897; Email: mary@nasmyth.org.uk
Mary’s statement concerning her Role on the Committee can be downloaded here

Peter Neasham, Member Representative since June 2011 Mob: 07863130305; Email: neashp@talktalk.net

Maintenance Fees set to rise at Akeld

Although the Maintenance Fees for 2013 have yet to be published, an announcement was made by Mrs Allan at the AGM on 28 October 2012 that she intended to raise them again by 8% over the 2012 levels, despite inflation remaining at less than 3%.

A Chartered Accountant has advised AMCCOMA that should this trend continue, by 2020 a Member owning a week in a six-bed cottage would be paying £1,029 in Maintenance Fees for that year alone. By the year 2075, the fee would be nearly £91,000 per annum and the total cost of membership between now and then would be £949,920!

If you wish to see a chart showing the effect of an annual rise of 8% throughout the projected life of the Club,Click Here