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Ida and David Bateson - Foxglove Covet (unit 10) week 19


"We purchased our timeshare in 1996 and for a time everything went well; however, frustration grew as we realised that we were powerless to defend ourselves against anything and everything which the management of Akeld decided to do. People who tried to complain at AGM's were embarrassed and humiliated, and some were evicted from the meetings, by the Management Company thus preventing anyone else from supporting them or raising their own doubts. Eventually people stopped attending AGM's Relief is the biggest feeling which I can describe on realising that a Members’ Association had been formed and that most other members/owners felt the same way as we did and had also come to the end of their patience with the management committee. £50 is a very small price to pay to have someone else fight your corner and not be browbeaten into submission by the bully tactics used in the past. Together we can fight the injustices and we will!"